6 in 10 Americans say global warming is personally important to them. 63% believe we should be doing more to address climate change.

Oceans are are at the frontline of climate change. Increasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities have led to warming oceans, sea level rise, and acidification. These changes will result in intensified storms, coral bleaching, changes in the diversity and abundance of marine species, and other significant impacts to our planet including the oceans’ ability to provide food, carbon storage, and oxygen.

However, there are many different ways that we can — and are—beginning to address climate change. Since 2000, over 20 countries, including Denmark, Ukraine, Hungary, Ireland and France, have successfully reduced their greenhouse gas emissions. Of these countries, most have reduced their emissions by more than 10%. In the US, more than 80 cities, five counties, and two states have committed to 100% renewables. Six cities have already reached that target. In 2017, sales of plant-based food grew to 8.1% and exceeded $3.1 billion. Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are soon expected to account for 40% of dairy beverage sales. And the number of people who commute to work by bike has increased by 60% over the last decade.

But there is much more to be done. Join your fellow citizens in taking action against climate change.

It’s simple. Start here.


6 BLUE HABITS That reduce your carbon footprint

1. Vote for policies that ensure reduction in emissions and support clean energy. Reach out to, and encourage, friends, family, colleagues etc. to do the same.

2. Try skipping meat for a day, a week, or even just a single meal. You can find lots of great vegetarian or vegan recipe ideas on Instagram or Pinterest, and many meal delivery services and restaurants offer meatless options to help you get started.

3. Opt to walk or bike to work on your commute, for errands, etc. as an easy way to increase physical activity while also reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s a beginner’s guide to biking to work.

4. Purchase carbon offsets for your personal emissions.

5. Be a consumer activist. Familiarize yourself with different companies practices and support those that are taking action against climate change.

6. Say no to “fast fashion” - mass produced trendy clothing or accessories sold at extremely low prices.


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