Join us in celebrating 50 years of ocean conservation!


In 2019, Oceanic Society celebrates its 50th anniversary as America’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation. As a pioneer in sustainable tourism, Oceanic Society has inspired countless people since our founding in 1969, and through scientific research, community engagement, and innovative programs like “Blue Habits,” we continue to deepen the connections between people and nature thereby building a more oceanic society.


To commemorate our golden anniversary, and to generate the attention, enthusiasm, and resources needed to confront the next 50 years of ocean conservation challenges, we are organizing a series of five exclusive expeditions in 2018–2019. These expeditions will take our travelers to the front lines of ocean conservation, support on-the-ground efforts in the places we visit, and will help us to develop a compelling narrative to engage people worldwide in building Blue Habits for a more oceanic society.